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We will help you avoid any dispute and the negative financial implications. We provide a well presented, PDF document with embedded digital photography. Abbreviations and jargon are kept to a minimum.

Fully insured, we have a dedicated, professional and independent team of inventory assessors backed by a strong central customer services centre. We will deliver a simple, efficient and cost effective service. At james stevens you'll talk to people who'll make appointments at agreed times to suit you.


With permanent, in-house trained and experienced staff we will take a very detailed inventory. Our team use digital dictation equipment and digital photography. Once your inventory is completed the dictation files and photographs will be e-mailed back to our central processing hub and your unique document will be produced. This will have a detailed description of the state and condition of the property and its fixtures and fittings. We use a simple condition scale and keep abbreviations and jargon to a minimum. Clearly set out, and logically constructed, our documents are accurate and easy to follow.

Once produced the document will be forwarded as a PDF file. We retain all the original information on our secure cloud servers. All data is retained for a minimum of seven years. Each tenancy is given a unique reference number. A link can be made available at anytime to allow access to the original documents and photography. So, if you cant find the file, don't worry - we will.


With a permanently manned customer services desk we want to make sure that we fully understand your requirements. Whether you contact us by phone, e-mail or message, each instruction will be given a unique reference number. This allows you and us to track each instruction you give us, right from inventory to check-out. Normally we request a minimum of 48 hours lead time to complete and prepare an inventory, although we do appreciate that emergencies do happen, and we will always try to be flexible in meeting your needs.