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Check-ins can be completed in one of two ways. Either simultaneously at the time we create the inventory or subsequently once the inventory document has been created. Having us check in tenants when we are completing the inventory means that everyone is fully aware of the detailed nature of the inventory, any issues can be discussed and captured at the time, and the issuance of keys and meter readings recorded.

In some situations clients prefer to have a check in completed once the inventory document has been created. This is often the case with complex or heavy furnished properties. This additional visit, whilst incurring additional cost, allows us to go through the inventory in detail. In the event of any amendments these can be recorded on the check-in report. The tenant will sign off on the process witnessed by our assessor.


At the end of the tenancy it is vital to have an independent check out. We use the inventory together with any amendments to assess the state and condition of the property when the tenants leave. This is compared with the original condition. 

We will deliver a report which identifies any material changes since the inventory was taken. We will also detail our independent assessment as to the liability for any changes. These liabilities being summarised at the end of the report. This allows tenant and landlord to have a solid basis from which to agree any dilapidation costs. At check out we will ensure a further complete set of photographs are taken. The comprehensive nature of the report, together with the full set of photographs, help to ensure that any disputes are kept to a minimum.

Remember, we are independent. Check outs can be completed with interested parties present, or un-attended. It is important that the property is completely cleared of the out-going tenant's effects, and any cleaning works completed, prior to the agreed check out time.