COVID - 19 Date: 09 Jun 2020

Moving Home Guidance for Inventory & Energy Assessors

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has published further guidance on moving home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The coronavirus regulations have been amended by the Government to allow people to move between private residential properties. The changes outline key public health information to ensure key activities regarding moving remain safe, whilst following the ‘stay alert, contain the virus and save lives’ message and government guidance.

Following the updated guidance, assessors are now free to visit properties to undertake assessments and complete inventories & Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), ensuring they follow the latest guidance.

When undertaking assessments, assessors should:

• Always follow the latest government guidelines for working in other people’s homes. This may change, so it’s important to continually review

• Ensure public health guidance on social distancing is followed when carrying out assessments. Companies must ensure employees understand how to operate safely and communicate to customers

• Assessors should contact the property owner(s) prior to any assessments, ensuring they understand which areas will be assessed. All doors and access panels to the property must be open and surfaces cleaned with household cleaning products, in line with public health advice

• Assessors should be clear in any reports about any areas of the property they were unable in inspect due to public health limitations

• During a visit, members of the household must follow social distancing guidance, staying 2 metres away wherever possible. For example, by staying in another room.

• Assessors must wash their hands immediately upon entering a property, using separate towels or paper towels which need to be washed or disposed of safely after use.

• Assessments should not be carried out by a person who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild, including anyone who has been asked to self-isolate.

The guidance encourages all parties to be as flexible as possible during this difficult time, and be prepared to delay moves and key activities, including inventory & EPC assessments. If someone becomes ill with coronavirus, or has to self-isolate, it may also become necessary to delay all activities to manage the spread of the coronavirus. All assessors are advised to make provisions in managing risks. The latest government guidance can be found by using the following link: